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Simflofy is a data integration platform allowing developers and end users a rich platform for managing data across any number of data sources as if that data all lived in one place.
Simflofy provides verbose Rest APIs, an SDK, and sample applications for developers and a rich set of pre-built solutions such as ECM, Document Management, EDiscovery, Records Management, Secure Search, Data Migration, and Search Indexing.


Important information about updating your log4j libraries in response to vulnerability CVE-2021-44228

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Get Acquainted

Not acquainted with Simflofy? See how we can help integrate all of your data.

Getting Started
Hardware and software requirements and installation instructions to get you up and running using Simflofy

Manage and access your organization's licences, users and software updates.

Step-by-step instructions on creating connections from multiple sources giving the user the ability to set up data integration, data migration, data loading, and REST API endpoints.

Create and use Discovery connections and schema instances. Data Schema Discovery is used to help manage, map, and transform metadata and data types.

This is the core to our data integration platform. This allows you to treat all your data sources as if they come from one data source using Simflofy Rest APIs. Expose data sources and search endpoints for your own Rest API based applications or Simflofy's TSearch Application. With TSearch you can create/edit views, apply widgets, and secure access to data. As well as decide what information is displayed and how through the use of content view templates.

Integration Jobs
Steps on creating jobs that will integrate your data from one source to another. Allowing you to access and manage your data from multiple sources in one place

Task List
This is Simflofy processing pipeline for modifying, transforming, adding, or removing metadata or content during data migration, data loading, data indexing, or data exporting. Tasks can also perform actions such as PII Detection, de-duplication, classification, OCR, set mimetypes, etc...

UI components that perform some actions that can be added to a Simflofy TSearch View

See your data in action. Use Reports in Simflofy to monitor and visualize your integrations

Records Management
Conduct a variety of actions to manage your files. You can set retention plans, add holds, audit records and more.

Information on how to configure your Simflofy platform. Set up users, create themes, manage your organization and licenses.

Version 2.7 Info

Docs for 2.7 can be found here

If you need to upgrade from 2.7, please use this guide.