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Integration Connections


As a general rule, Simflofy Connectors do not delete documents. It only copies and writes them.

Most Integration Connections can act in both repository (read) and output (write) modes. If it can't, it will not appear as an option when creating or editing a job.

Output (Write) Mode

In Output mode, connectors push content and metadata. Many of them can also build version series' from the source systems.


If a connector retrieves versions, they will be queued as a series in the order of oldest to youngest and the writing connection (if it supports versioning) will attempt to write them in that order. Some connectors, such as Box, and SharePoint REST, can be configured to roll back any documents in a version series, should any of the documents in the series fail to upload

Repository (Read) Mode

In Repository Mode, connectors will generate a query, or use one provided, to retrieve unique ids for documents. It will then use this list to query individual documents to extract metadata, version information, and copy content for processing.


If a connector retrieves folders, they will be processed much like a document would be. The writing connection should know what to do with them.

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