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Getting Started With Simflofy

Following are links to instructions on how to get started installing, configuring and begin using the Simflofy platform to integrate your files and documents. With Simflofy you will also have access to the Federated TSearch platform which allows users to view and manage their integrated documents, images, and other file types.

*Click here for instructions on upgrading your Simflofy from version 2.7 to 3.0

Software and Hardware Requirements

The use of Simflofy requires specific software be installed on your system to run as. And your system must have sufficient hardware to run most efficiently. In the links below you will find download links to the required software as well as the hardware required.
Software Requirements
Hardware Requirements

Simflofy Architecture

See the link below for an overview of the setup workflow and system requirements to use Simflofy and Federated TSearch including Network and Firewall Requirements.
Simflofy Architecture Overview

Installation and Configuration

The following links will walk you through installing and configuring the required software for a successful Simflofy installation, including Simflofy Installation Steps and configuration recommendations.
Simflofy Installations Instructions
Install Simflofy on Docker
Install MongoDB on MAC
Install Tomcat on MAC

Quick Start User Guide

This guide will walk you through quickly setting up your connectors. Creating and running your integration jobs.
Quick Start User Guide

High Availability Setup

High availability indicates a system designed for durability, redundancy, and automatic failover such that the applications supported by the system can operate continuously and without downtime for a long period of time.
High Availability Setup Instructions


How to log in to Simflofy once all components have been properly installed and change you default admin password.
Administration and Configuration Instructions


Links to configuring the different functions of Simflofy such as Integration, Discovery, Mapping and more.
Simflofy Tutorials for Specific Conditions


Set up instructions for all the connectors used in and with Simflofy.
Simflofy Connection Instructions


There are currently three ways to contact our support team: Zendesk, Email or Phone.
How to Contact Simflofy for Support

Frequently Asked Questions

Depending on your set up there may be additional configurations needed. Here you can find answers to some of the most common issues users may come across when using Simflofy.
Users Most Frequently Asked Questions