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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Can Simflofy track deletions in X source system and delete them in X target system?
A. No. Simflofy does not currently have any method to track deletions (or movements) in any system beyond auditing specific API calls. As of now, except in very rare cases around version reconciliation and Records Management, Simflofy does not delete documents.

Q. Some Simflofy/TSearch page is displaying odd behavior or breaking after patching/updating
A. This is likely due to javascript being cached by the browser. Try hitting Control/Command + Shift + R. If that doesn't work try some options found here.
How to hard refresh your browser and clear your cache.

Q. Can Simflofy only read documents that have been modified since the last time the job was run?
A. That would be an Incremental Job type.

Q. Help! My job isn't reading any documents, but I know they're in there!
A. In your job, under the Details tab, make sure the start and end times are wide enough to capture the modified dates of the documents you wish to read in.
See the Integration Job Overview page for more detail.

Q. Help! My documents are coming over as 0 bytes!
A. In your job, under the Details tab > Advanced Options, make sure Include Binaries is checked.
See the Advanced Options Section of the Integration Jobs Overview page for more details.

Q. My search views are not showing up. I'm only able to see the home page.
A. Check the security settings of the content views. Certain users or user groups may have been restricted from seeing certain search views.

Q. My login for TSearch isn't working.
A. Look at the user roles set up in the user management section of simflofy to be sure that the user is set up with the correct level of access to TSearch and if need be to Records Management. Also see instructions for setting access via User Groups.

Q. I'm not able to remove the filters from my search results.
A. Make sure that you have the CurrentSearchWidget added to the Left Panel section of your Content View. This will allow you to view and update your search filters.

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