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Simflofy Connections Overview

Connectors are the 1st step in the integration process. They represent how Simflofy connects to other systems.

Connections are instances of connectors which the user configures. There are 5 types of connections. Authentication, Discovery, Integration, Content Service and Content Search.


The Simflofy Wizards will help you quickly create all the connections needed for your data integration.

Connection Wizards

Available Wizards: Quick Build, Integration, Federation

Connection Types


These are used to authenticate to outside systems and need certain authentication fields like passwords, access tokens or refresh tokens. Authentication is needed for sources such as Google Docs, Office 365, and Salesforce.
Authentication Connections Overview


Discovers schemas on the remote system. These are tables, columns, object types, aspects, categories, content types, index fields, etc... Basically the types and metadata associated for any given system. Simflofy unifies all of this into a Schema for easier mapping. Discovery makes mapping to and from your sources easier for data migration and ensures the data gets connected to the right fields.
Discovery Connections Overview


These connections retrieve data from the source system. Their job is to query or crawl remote systems for files, folders, metadata, versions, and renditions. They also add source-specific configuration to job in the form of Specification Tabs. Integrate your Alfresco or FileNet servers for example for better document management.
Integration Connections Overview

Content Service

These connections provide a full ECM API for interacting with files, folders, metadata, versions, and renditions. This includes functionality like check- in/out, upload new files, modify metadata, upload new versions, create folders, redact documents etc...
Content Service Connections Overview

Provide a search interface to the Content Services API. These connections implement the Simflofy search api and query language, both of which mimic Apache Solr.
Content Search Connections Overview

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