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Federation Services Overview

Simflofy Federation Services allows you to manage data throughout multiple repositories without having to move the content from one location to another. With Federated Search users can view, organize, report on, update and maintain all of their documents, files and records in one easy to use highly customizable space.
Federated Search Set Up Tutorial

Content View Connectors are used by Content Views in Federation to query indexed documents and populate the results within a federated search view. Federation can then take action against the results such as preview, download, check in and out and edit the file's properties.

Content Services

Content Service Connections are used to interact with content in Federated Search views. Actions set up in the Content Services API or the TSearch web application will be performed against specified repositories and documents through these Content Service connectors.


TSearch is Simflofy's user interface for Federation services. It is a highly configurable platform which uses Views and Widgets to organize, view, and manage your data in the most effective ways possible.

  • Basic User Guide: Navigating TSearch as a general user

  • TSearch Configuration: From the user navigation menu under configuration, many of the configuration options can be set. This includes access, authentication, server url, and the file path for bulk downloads.

  • Records Management: Another useful function of TSearch is the ability to not just view your files but to actually manage your records by placing holds to prevent editing or deletion as well as setting up retention schedules and adding additional document security.


  • Widgets Definitions: A Widget is a UI component that gets dynamically injected into a TSearch View based on the View's configuration. It performs some purpose (search, action, display etc.) that can be added to a Simflofy Content View. TSearch templates will only allow certain types of widgets for each section based on the settings of the widget definition.

  • Widget Instance: Once a widget has been defined an instance can be created from that definition and placed inside a Simflofy View as a Widget. More than one instance can be created based on a single widget definition depending on the actions you want to perform.

  • Widget List: This page will give you an overview of each widget. How they are used and how to configure them to create any custom fields needed.

  • Content Views: A Content View Connection defines the who, what, and how of a search. A better term may be "Data Set" because the data you search and find is based on the configuration of the Content View Connection.


Setting up federated search: A step-by-step tutorial in which you will index content from your filesystem to elasticsearch, then build a content view to search for it.

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