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Federation Configuration

  • = The full url of the simflofy-admin webapp.

  • = Allows for expired ssl certificates when connecting to simflofy admin

  • = Represents how to authenticate when performing queries. Note that this has no effect on how users log in. Options are service or passthrough.

    • passthrough - The currently logged-in user is used to perform queries. This is the default, recommended setting.
    • service - Queries will be performed as a single service user. This is not recommended, as many security features required the querying users username to filter results
      • tsearch.simflofy.admin.username = service user username
      • tsearch.simflofy.admin.password = service user password
  • tsearch.logo.file = The location of the logo to use for certain views. Default is tsearch/resources/styles/images/logo-simflofy-search.png

  • tsearch.favicon.file = Location of the favicon file. Favicon is the symbol that appears in tabs. Default is /resources/styles/images/favicon.ico

Many of these can be accessed by TSearch Admins at tsearch/config. It is available via the user navigation (top right corner) menu under Configuration

TSearch Configuration