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TSearch Reports

Simflofy's TSearch platforms allows users to view reports of the data in their repositories. You can conduct a variety of actions on the files including some Record Management actions. You can also visualize your data in a customizable dashboard and see how many of your files contain sensitive Personable Identifiable Information (PII). This section will show you examples of the reports you will be able to customize to view analyze and manage your data all in one place.

To build any of the following reports, create a content view with the widgets listed in the Left Sidebar, Body and Top Menu tabs.

Basic Search View Report

Allow you to view all the documents in your repository. You can filter your view by keyword search, content type, file size, date created or modified and location. More filters can be added through facet search widgets.

You can also take document actions such as view metadata, download file, edit file properties and other actions based on file type.

Sample Report View

Search View with Records Management Report

This search view will add Records Management functionalities to the basic search view described above. Users can apply holds, mark files as records, add them to retention schedules, apply security marks and filter searches by these values. You can also view record events and file properties.

Search View with RM

Dashboard Views

Will allow the user to visualize their data through the use of chart widgets. The visualizations will change in real time as you add filters such as location and file sizes.

Sample Dashboard Report

Records Management View

Will allow you to conduct a variety of actions to manage your files. You can set retention plans, add holds, audit records and more. Click here for more details on the Records Management Views

Records Management View

PII Analysis Report

Will tell you how many of your files contain personal information such as names, phone numbers and credit card numbers. Click here for more detail on how to set up this view as a chart and as well as a search view, so you can take action on these files.

PII Analysis Report

Connector Report Dashboard

The Connector Report is a report of the selected connectors. It shows a usage report for the configured search connection and includes the most commonly used terms and searches per day.

This report uses the Connector Report Widget and doesn't interact with any other widgets added to the left sidebar or body sections.

Records Management View

File Age Analysis Report

Allows you to visualize and analyze the age of your files by using the date search to get a list of files that haven't been touched in a while and determine if you want to archive transfer or delete these old files.

You can build this report by adding a Date Select Widget to your search content view. Use the modified date as your target field.

File Age Analysis Report

File Size Analysis Report

Will tell you which of your files are taking up the most space in your repositories. You can use the file size slider widget to search for files of a certain size in Bytes. This can be viewed in either a chart for visualization, or in a search view to take actions on the found files.

To build a report based on file size, add the Slider Widget to the left menu section of your content view. Set the target field as simflofy_length.

Content Size Slider

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