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Job Tasks


Job tasks provide a processing pipeline for documents and metadata. This means doing things like:

  1. Filtering content out or in based on rules, such as metadata values
  2. Cleaning up file names or file paths
  3. Re-Parenting based on rules
  4. Extracting metadata from paths
  5. Adding metadata from third parties such as Databases, Rest APIs, OCR Engines, etc...
  6. Transforming documents from one mime type to another, such as Word to PDF.
  7. Transforming metadata
  8. PII - Personally Identifiable Information - detection
  9. De-Duplication
Job Task

Simflofy Complete Job Task List

Adding Tasks to Jobs

There are over 30 tasks available out of the box and Simflofy is adding more all the time. The Simflofy SDK also has examples, so you can build your own. This is the most popular extension point in Simflofy. Simflofy Complete Job Task List

You can choose and configure job tasks on a per-job basis from the Tasks tab in any given Job.

You can re-order the pipeline by dragging and dropping the tasks. You can delete tasks or add new tasks.

Add Job Task

These tasks run in order, meaning if something is changed with the document/s or metadata in one task, then the following tasks will see those changes.

Job Task List

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