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Audit Reports Overview

Reports provide documentation and results from each time a job has been run.

Find all duplicates from a single or multiple jobs.Following is a description of the available reports in your Simflofy Admin.

The reports provide basic audit reports to track jobs, job results, and documents. Here is what each section does:

Job Run History - List all jobs run in the Simflofy instance. Has job settings, job results, and documents that succeeded, failed, or were skipped.

Document Search - Allows for the search for a specific document's run history.

Mapping Audits - Audit your job mappings

Batch History - Results of batches if the batch size was greater than 0 in the job.

Sync Record Status - Shows the status of bi-directional sync jobs.

Search Audit - Gives basic information about search, top search terms, top documents, etc

Event Audit - Shows events that have been fired that have triggered event jobs. Event type jobs can be made to listen for specific events.

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