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Kibana Reports Overview

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Kibana is a free and open user interface that lets you visualize your Elasticsearch data and navigate the Elastic Stack. You can chart and report on the properties of your files such as document age, modified dates, group data by document types and other variables to help you see exactly what your content consists of. To install Elasticsearch and Kibana, follow the links below. Then you will be able to walk through the steps to report on your data.

The following are links to specific tutorials on how to set up and use Kibana Visualizations

Getting Started with Kibana
Follow these steps to get started on reporting on Elasticsearch Kibana

Installing Elasticsearch Kibana
Install Elasticsearch on your server and set up your Simflofy index for integration

Kibana Discovery
Using Discovery enables you to explore your data, find hidden insights and relationships

Kibana Setup and Configuration Setting up connectors, creating migration jobs, adding job tasks, running migration jobs

Kibana Indexing
Steps to create an index pattern, which defines the data you want to explore and visualize

Kibana Visualizations
Creating queries, visualization, charts,and reports

Kibana Report Examples
With Simflofy's Kibana set up you will be able to report on the dates of your documents.

Kibana Dashboards
Organize visualizations on an easy-to-read layout