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Record Holds

Putting a document on hold will lock a document to all other actions, precluding the addition or removal of holds. Records and Active Content can be under multiple holds at once. An instance of DocumentHoldWidget is required to interact with holds in any TSearch View

Creating Holds

Holds can be created on the Holds page in TSearch. It can be found in the Records Management nav menu. Holds are simply a name and a time interval. Time intervals use the format (number)(interval):


1d = 1 Day

3w = 3 Weeks

5y = 5 Years

1M = 1 Month

0 = Indefinite

Holds can be placed using the RM Dashboard or RM Results Widget. Adding a hold will add the field 'onHold' to the indexed document as well as flagging the RM Metadata in simflofy's database.

Note that uppercase M is used for months. Values below 1 day are not currently supported.Add Hold to a Record

All holds are searchable through Record Search in the Dashboard.

See here for Hold related properties