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Retention Schedules

A retention schedule is a list of Disposition Steps that can be applied to a document. You can have parent and child schedules. Children inherit all steps from their parents. Schedules can also include no steps to act more like a folder.

New Retention Schedule

  • Select Retention Schedule from the Records Management button in the top menu
  • Select the Create New Schedule Button
  • Enter a name for the schedule in the New Schedule Tag field.
  • Add a brief description of the schedule.
  • Click Save to begin setting up your new retention schedule
  • Enter Authority notes and Disposition Instructions for the user
  • Select the edit icon next to Parent Tag if you want to add this schedule as a child to another schedule
  • You can also add custom option such as metadata tags and custom events. To remove a custom event or metadata option select it to remove the check.
  • Add a Transfer Destination if the schedule includes a Transfer Step.

Add Disposition Steps

  • Click the Add Step button
  • Select the Action to be taken in this step. Disposition Steps.
  • Check the box if you want to set a time period for the action. You can select the number of days to wait to take this action and the date field you want to use to trigger this action
  • Check the box if you want to add an event to the schedule.
  • You can choose to move the record to complete status after both the time interval and the events occur. Leave this unchecked to complete the record when either condition is met.
  • Add a Description explaining what the step does.
  • Check the box if you want to complete this step automatically when the proper conditions have been met.

Click the Add Step button to create another step to the schedule

Now you can apply this newly created schedule to your records.

Disposition Steps

Step NameFinal StepDescription
Cut OffNoOnce this step completes, the retention schedule of a document has begun.
PermanentYesThe document is to be made a permanent record in its system. No steps can follow this.
TransferYesSignals that the document needs to be transferred to another repository. In the case of Federation Services, this means downloading the document for transfer.
AccessionYesFunctionally identical to Transfer in the current version of Simflofy.
DestroyYesDestroys the document in the source repository, removes the index from federated search, and optionally, deletes all RM History/Metadata associated with the document.

Managing Retention Schedules

Index Records

  • Users can set the interval times that the system indexes records and push actions based on retention schedules by selecting the Update Record Index Time button at the top of the page.
  • Individual Schedules can be run by selecting the Reindex button next to the schedule

Delete Schedules

  • Retention schedules can be deleted by selecting the delete icon next to each schedule.
  • Retention Schedules that have been applied to records cannot be deleted.

View Retention Schedule

  • Selecting the view icon next to a retention schedule will give you an overview of the schedule's details including how many records are listed under the schedule.

Update Schedule

  • To make changes to a retention schedule select the edit icon next to the schedule.
  • Once you save your change you will be given to option to reindex your records to apply the changes.

Duplicate Schedules

  • Select the download icon next to a schedule to download a json file of the schedule
  • Delete the id from the file. A new one will be assigned when the schedule is created. Leaving the id will only overwrite the original schedule
  • Select the Import Schedule button
  • Copy and paste the contents of the json file into the import schedule form
  • Click the Import button to create the new schedule.