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Properties File Discovery

If you ever have the situation where Discovery can't automatically find your fields, but you know they will be there, then you can create your own mappings with a properties file.

In some systems, like email headers or iManage, fields can be dynamic and so Discovery can't find them. To add your own fields, do the following:

  1. Create a properties file that will contain your fields. An example can be found in your installation:
  1. Edit this file, or the one you created if it's different:
# Fields Types  
# Format
# type.field=field type
# If they key has a space in it, replace the space with the unicode value:
# u0020
# Historicalu0020Documents.field=CHECKBOX
  1. Create a properties file discovery instance and point it to your properties file. Run it and your types and fields should show up, and now you can use them in Job Mappings.

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