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Authentication Connection

Aprimo connections require an Aprimo Auth Connection to function. Authentication connectors are used to authenticate repository/output connections that need certain authentication fields like access tokens or refresh tokens. Click here for more information on setting up authentication connections.

Aprimo Authentication Fields

  • Name: Name of your Aprimo Auth Connector
  • Aprimo Client ID: The client ID obtained from your Aprimo environment
  • Aprimo User ID: The user ID for authenticating to Aprimo
  • Aprimo User Token: The user token obtained from your Aprimo environment
  • Aprimo Sub Domain Name: The subdomain name of your Aprimo environment. Note: This is the subdomain only and not the full URL
  • Aprimo Classification ID: The ID of the classification that the assets will be assigned to. If left blank then the assets will remain in the 'My Uploads' section until they are manually assigned a classification
  • Include Un-Mapped Properties: If selected, all available properties will be included. If not selected, only mapped properties will be included

Discovery Connector

Discovery Instance Configuration Fields

  • Name: Unique name for your connector
  • Authentication Connection: Select the auth connector for this discovery
  • Ignore Types (comma delimited list): Chose document types to ignore when running discovery

Integration Connection

The Aprimo Integration Connection has no configuration as we use a Simflofy Auth Connector for authentication parameters. You will just need to apply your pre-configured Aprimo Auth Connector to the Aprimo Output Connector.

Integration Connection Configuration

  • Connection Name: This is a unique name given to the connector instance upon creation.
  • Description: A description of the connector to help identify it better.
  • Authentication Connection: The Aprimo Authentication connection that you want to use.

Job Configuration

A Simflofy Job is the process of moving or syncing content (including versions, ACL's, metadata) from one CMS (content management system) to another. Click here for details on how to set up an integration job.

Repository Connection Configuration: Aprimo cannot be used as a Repository Connection
Output Connection Configuration: No additional configuration needed to use Aprimo as an Output source


There is no available Content Search Connection available for this connection

Content Service Connection


There is no content Service Connection available for Aprimo.

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