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IBM Content Manager OnDemandWeb Enablement Kit allows users to access data that is stored in an IBM Content Manager OnDemand server with IBM Content Navigator or a user-written program.

Authentication Connection

Connection Fields

  • Name
  • Username
  • Password
  • Server URL
  • Server Port
  • Application Name ( Optional)
  • DB2 Server
  • DB2 Port
  • DB2 Database
  • DB2 User
  • DB2 Password

Discovery Connector


There is no Discovery Instance available for this connector.

Integration Connection

Connection Fields

  • Connection Name
  • Connector Type
  • Connector Class

Simflofy Setup

This setup is for CMOD ODWek version 9.5 (64 bit). Other versions of ODWek can also be used with Simflofy but the supporting libraries in this setup are located in different places depending on the version of CMOD/ODWek you are using.

  1. In simflofy-admin/WEB-INF/classes create the following folder structure: com/ibm/edms/od
  2. Copy ArsSVTInterface.class from C:/Program Files/IBM/OnDemand/V9.5/www/servlets into the folder created in step 1
  3. Copy C:/Program Files/IBM/OnDemand/V9.5/www/servlets/ArsWWWServlet.jar to simflofy-admin/WEB-INF/lib
  4. Copy C:/Program Files/IBM/OnDemand/V9.5/www/api/ODApi.jar to simflofy-admin/WEB-INF/lib
  5. Copy C:/Program Files/IBM/OnDemand/V9.5/www/ars3wapi64.dll into C:/Program Files/IBM/OnDemand/V9.5/bin
  6. Add the following directory to your Windows PATH C:/Program Files/IBM/OnDemand/V9.5/bin
  7. Restart/Start the Tomcat instance that Simflofy is installed on and setup is complete.

Job Configuration

A Simflofy Job is the process of moving or syncing content (including versions, ACL's, metadata) from one CMS (content management system) to another. Click here for details on how to set up an integration job

Repository Configuration Fields

  • Folder Search Criteria
  • Document SQL Search
  • Process Folders

Output Configuration Fields

  • Output Folder Path
  • Include Un-Mapped Properties

Content Service Connection


There is no Content Service Connection available for IBM Content Manager on Demand.

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