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Bootstrap Repository Connector

The Bootstrap Repository Connector is used for quickly generating dummy files and metadata to test things such as mappings and tasks.

The basic setup gives a number of ranges for specific metadata fields for each file.

Files generated by this connector will have the following metadata:

  • Document Length
  • Document Mimetype (Content Type)
  • A Parent folder path
  • A Last Modified Date
  • A Created Date
  • If Include Binaries is checked under Advanced Settings, a fake binary within the configured size range will be attached to the metadata.
  • Files will have a randomized name of letters and numbers and will be of a randomized mimetype from the following list of extensions:
Extension list
  • eml
  • png
  • csv
  • xls
  • ppt
  • mp3
  • mp4
  • eml
  • mpeg
  • zip
  • txt
  • css
  • html
  • doc
  • pdf
  • xml

Authentication Connection


No Authentication Connection needed to set up your Bootstrap Connections.

Discovery Connector


There is no available Discovery Instance Connector available for the Bootstrap Connection.

Integration Connection

Most Integration Connections can act in both repository (read) and output (write) modes. If it can't, it will not appear as an option when creating or editing a job. This connection can only be used as a repository connection. Click here for more information on setting up an integration connection.

Integration Connection Fields

  • Connection Name: This is a unique name given to the connector instance upon creation.
  • Description: A description of the connector to help identify it better.

Job Configuration

When the Bootstrap connector has been selected as the repository connector of a given job, additional configurations will need to be provided within the Job

Basic Configuration Fields

Use this when you need to quickly generate files

File Content

If Include Binaries in the Details tab is checked, the dummy files will include a file which matches the size on the metadata. The content of the file will not be particularly useful.

  • Number of files to generate This is a count of individual files, not batches of files.
  • Parent path base: Sets the parent path metadata for the files being generated.
  • Creation Date Range Start - The first possible date for the Created Date metadata
  • Creation Date Range End - The last possible date for the Created Date metadata
  • Last Modified Date Range Start - The first possible date for the Last Modified Date metadata
  • Last Modified Date Range End -The last possible date for the Last Modified Date metadata
  • Size Range Start(Bytes) - The minimum size of the document
  • Size Range End (Bytes) - The maximum size of the document
  • Allow for nonstandard mimetypes: Expands the list of mimetypes (200+).

Content Service Connection


There is no Content Service Connection available for Bootstrap.