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Comma Separated Value (CSV) Connections

Authentication Connection


No authentication connection is needed to set up CSV connectors, as it reads from the local filesystem.

Discovery Connector

Viewing the discovery schema instances will show you a table of all available Discovery Instances, this table can be sorted by Name, Type, and Collection.

Discovery Instance Fields

  • Name: Instance Name
  • Ignore Types: List of types to ignore, not used for CSV
  • CSV File Path: Full path to the CSV File.
  • CSV Type: If blank, the type on the fields will be csv filename with periods replaced with '_'

Integration Connection

The CSV (Comma Separated Values ) connection is an integration connector that can merge metadata stored in a csv file with external binaries from a filesystem. The binaries are optional depending on configuration.

Integration Connection Fields

  • Connection Name: This is a unique name given to the connector instance upon creation.
  • Description: A description of the connector to help identify it better.

Job Configuration

Repository Connection Configurations

All of these fields will appear in a Job Specification where the CSV connector is the repository.

  • CSV File Path: Path to the CSV file
  • CSV Type: CSV Type. Will be prepended to all properties. If blank, the type will be the (filename)_csv
  • Separator Character: The character that separates each field value, also called a delimiter. Default is comma (,)
  • Escape Character: The value used to escape values such as slashes and quotes. Default is backslash (\)
  • Quote Character: The character used to denote fields. Default is double quotes (")
  • Document Type: Sets the base type for the migrated files to either documents or folders
  • Maximum number of rows: Including the header. Set to 0 or leave blank to read the entire csv

Output Connection Configurations:
CSV cannot be used as an Output Connection

Content Service Connection


There is no Content Service Connection available for CSV sources.

Looking to integrate with CSV data? We can help.