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Ephesoft offers a suite of Smart CaptureDocument Scanning Software Products that automatically classify, separate, sort, and extract data from paper, fax, and electronic documents.

Discovery Connector

Simflofy's Ephesoft Discovery Connector can be used to discover the metadata of your Ephesoft repository. This will include content types and their associated properties.

Viewing the schema instances will show you a table of all available Discovery Instances, this table can be sorted by Name, Type, and Available Versions.

From the Discovery Connector page you can view the most recently created schema instances as well as created new ones.

To create a new Discovery Connection, click the Create New Discovery Instance button at the bottom of the Schema Instances Page. Fill in the following fields.

Discovery Schema Instance Configuration

  • Name: Unique Name for the Discovery Connection to identify it in the UI.
  • Ignore Types: Comma delimited list of types to ignore. Note that you can have regex as well. So to ignore all types with workflow in the name, you would enter (.)workflow(.) into the ignore types text box.
  • Batch Path: The path to the batch folder