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File System

File system connectors give you access to the files on your local workstation or a mounted drive. It requires not authentication connection, but the user running Simflofy must have access to the files you wish to read.

Authentication Connection


There is no Authentication connection needed for File System connections.

Discovery Connector

  • Name: Unique Name for the Discovery Connection to identify it in the UI.
  • Ignore Types: (Optional) A comma delimited list of types to ignore.
  • Properties File Path: location of your properties file

The properties take the format


Here are some examples:

If a type has a space in it, replace it with the value \u0020. As an example:


Here is a list of available field types


Integration Connection

For retrieving content and its associated metadata from the specified filesystem directory. Also designed to write content, and it's associated metadata into a specified filesystem location.The Filesystem Integration Connection gives you easy access that allows you to crawl and output files and folder to a local file system or a mounted network drive (NAS, SAN).

Integration Connection Fields

  • Connection Name:This is a unique name given to the connector instance upon creation.
  • Description:A description of the connection

Job Configuration

Click the green plus sign below the paths to add more than one File Path

Click the red minus sign next to a filepath to remove it.

  • File Path: The path of a folder to crawl.
  • Convert to URI: For Windows filesystems, converts backslashes to forward slashes and removes drive identifiers
  • Process Folders: Folders will be processed as well as files
  • Include Hidden Files: Hidden files will be processed
  • Include Empty Folders: Requires Process Folders to be checked. Empty folders will be processed.

Content Service Connection

The methods currently supported for this connector are:

  • Delete Folder
  • List Folder items
  • Create a File
  • Get Object Properties
  • Create a Folder
  • Get File Content
  • Get ID by Path
  • Update File
  • Delete Object By Id
  • Get Types
  • Get File Item

Connection Configuration

  • Root Path: The location of your folders and files that you want Simflofy to access. Will be prepended to the id on all calls to the connection

Filesystem content services uses the files or folder's path as an ID. The connection will attempt to prepend the configured root folder on all calls.

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