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MS Graph Mail Connector


This connector is currently in beta and will be available in the 3.1.1 release. It is currently available as part of the 3.1.1-SNAPSHOT, available for download on Simflofy Launch

Microsoft Mail (aka Outlook/Outlook Web Access/Exchange) is an email hosting and software service operated by Microsoft as part of its web version of Office.

Authentication Connection

For more information see the standard Microsoft Graph Authentication Connection.

The application will require the following permissions:

  • Mail.Read (Requires admin consent)

Discovery Connector


There is no Discovery Schema available for MS Graph Mail

Integration Connection

Running Errors

As of the 3.1.1 release, MSGraph connectors cannot rerun errored documents. We are aware of the issue, and it will be addressed in the next release.


The Microsoft Graph apis throttle connections that make what it considers excessive api calls. They have not shared these metrics, and they are determined dynamically based on previous usage and presumably account type. See this link for more details

Job Configuration

Repository Configuration Fields

  • Email address: The email address of the mailbox you want to connect. Note: This is only available when using standard graph authentication.
  • Query: A query to run against inbox and/or folders. Leave blank to search all or enter a query, for example, to search for emails from '' the query would be : from/emailAddress/address eq '' See Microsoft's Documentation on filters

Content Services Connection


There is no Content Services available for MS Graph Mail