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OpenText Content Server(OTCS)

OpenText Content Server is the core content repository and foundational document management technology for the OpenText Enterprise Content Suite, giving control over documents and business content across the enterprise by securing and storing it throughout its lifecycle.
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Authentication Connection

  • Name: The name of your CMIS authentication connector
  • Username: Username to authenticate with.
  • Password: Password to authenticate with.
  • Server URL: URL of the OpenText service location

Discovery Connector

Discovery Instance Configuration

  • Name: Unique Name for the Discovery Connection to identify it in the UI.
  • Authentication Connection: No auth connection needed for OTCS
  • Username: The username to authenticate with the OTCS repository.
  • Password: The password to authenticate with the OTCS repository.
  • Collection: Each discovery connection version will have its own MongoDB collection to store its report, this field will show you the name of that collection.
  • Ignore Types: Comma delimited list of types to ignore. Note that you can have regex as well. So to ignore all types with "workflow" in the name, you would enter(.)workflow(.) into the ignore types textbox.
  • Collection URL: The ful lURL leading to your OTCS endpoint

Integration Connection

Integration Connection Fields

  • Connection Name: This is a unique name given to the connector instance upon creation.
  • Description: A description of the connector to help identify it better.
  • Authentication Connection: Your OpenText auth connection

Job Configuration

Output Specification

  • Output Folder Path: The path of the output root folder

Repository Paths

  • File Path: The path of the root repository folder

Content Service Connection


Content Service Connection is not available for OTCS