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File Transfer Protocol (FTP)

Configuration for the FTP connectors can be applied in the Server tab of the connector edit page.

Authentication Connection

Authentication Fields

  • Username: The username to authenticate with the repository if applicable.
  • Password: The password to authenticate with the repository if applicable.
  • Server URL: Full URL of the ftp server.
  • Server Port: The port of the ftp server. Default is 23.
  • Is Implicit: Is Implicit security mode. Your server will most likely dictate which to use.
  • Use FTPS: This is SSL(TLS) based FTP

Discovery Connector


There is no discovery connector available for FTP

Integration Connection

Also known as input and output connections. Their job is to query or crawl remote systems for files, folders, metadata, versions, and renditions.

Integration Connection Fields

  • Connection Name: This is a unique name given to the connector instance upon creation.
  • Description: A description of the connector to help identify it better.
  • Connector Type: The type of connector. In the screenshot above you can see that it's a CMIS Output Connector type.
  • Connector Class: The class of this connector that implements the IOutputConnector interface. You may have different connector types that write to the same type of repository
  • Authentication Connection: None needed for this connection

Job Configurations

Email Repository Job Specification Fields

  • File Path: The location of your folders and files that you want Simflofy to access

Output Configuration


This connection cannot be used as an output source

Content Service Connector

Basic Configuration Fields

  • Connector ID: A unique identifier for this connection i.e. FTP Content Service Connector (Alphanumeric, dashes and underscore characters only)
  • Description: The text that will be displayed on drop-downs etc. to identify this connection.
  • Connector ID: Give your connector a unique name
  • Description: Provide a description for this connection
  • Type: Select the Filesystem Content Service Connector
  • Keep Connection Alive: Keep this connection active
  • Keep alive in Milliseconds (300000 is 5 minutes): How long until connection expires if unused
  • Connection URL: The web address for your connection
  • Security mode: None needed for this connection
  • Mapping Type: Choose single map or group mapping if you are using mapping for jobs

The methods currently supported for this connector are:

  • Create File
  • Create Folder
  • Delete Folder
  • Delete Object By Id
  • Get File Content
  • Get Object Id By Path
  • Get Object Properties
  • Get Types
  • List Folder items
  • Update File

Integrate your FTP server with hundreds of other systems. See the possibilities.