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iManage Integration - Migrate and Federate with iManage

iManage is a system to store, organize and manage documents email and related content. You create top-level spaces called projects, each project can hold documents, emails, folders and so

Authentication Connection

The iManage Auth Connector is designed to capture the required authentication credentials for an iManage System. Used to authenticate repository/output connections that need certain authentication fields like access tokens or refresh tokens.

Authentication Fields

  • Connection Name: Unique Name for the Auth Connection to identify it in the UI.
  • Username: The username to authenticate with the repository if applicable.
  • Password: The password to authenticate with the repository if applicable.
  • Server URL: URL of the service.
  • iManage Database:
  • iManage Default Workspace ID (Client Matter ID):
  • Security: default is public

Discovery Connector

Every Discovery Connector can define custom fields that it needs to be able to connect to and discover the repository.

Instance Connection Fields

  • Name: Unique Name for the Discovery Connection to identify it in the UI.
  • Authentication Connection: A predefined connection for authentication.
  • Ignore Types: Comma delimited list of types to ignore. Note that you can have regex as well. So to ignore all types with "workflow" in the name, you would enter(.)workflow(.) into the ignore types textbox.

Integration Connection

Also known as input an output connections. Their job is to query or crawl remote systems for files, folders, metadata, versions, and renditions.

Integration Connection Configuration Fields

  • Connection Name: This is a unique name given to the connector instance upon creation.
  • Description: A description of the connector to help identify it better.
  • Authentication Connection: Your iManage auth connection

Job Configuration

A Simflofy Job is the process of moving or syncing content(including versions, ACL's, metadata) from one CMS (content management system) to another.

iManage Output Job Configuration

  • Output Folder Path
  • Include Un-Mapped Properties

iManage Repository Job Configuration

  • Folders to Crawl: Comma Delimited
  • Client IDs: (Comma delimited. If entered, client ID's will take precedence over folders)
  • Get Versions?

Content Service Connection

Content Service Connection Fields

  • Connector ID: Give your connector a unique name
  • Description: Provide a description for this connection
  • Type: Select the Filesystem Content Service Connector
  • Keep Connection Alive: Keep this connection active
  • Keep alive in Milliseconds (300000 is 5 minutes): How long until connection expires if unused
  • Connection URL: The web address for your connection
  • Security mode: None needed for this connection
  • Mapping Type: Choose single map or group mapping if you are using mapping for jobs

The methods currently supported for this connector are:

  • Create a File
  • Create a Folder
  • Get File Content
  • Get Object Properties
  • Get ID by Path
  • Get Types
  • Get Type Definition
  • List Folder items
  • List Versions
  • Update File
  • Update Properties

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