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Batch Parser

Batch parser is for picking up batch exports from the file system. The typical use case is picking up batches from scanners.

Authentication Connection


No Authentication Connection needed to set up your Batch Parser Connections.

Discovery Connector


There is no available Discovery Instance Connector available for the Batch Parser Connection.

Integration Connection

Integration Connection Configuration

  • Connection Name: This is a unique name given to the connector instance upon creation.
  • Description: A description of the connector to help identify it better.
  • Authentication Connection: Leave blank. This connection does not require authentication

Job Configuration

  • Ingestion Location Location to pick up files.
    • This can be a filepath: /mnt/drop or a URI /service/pickup
  • File Pattern Pattern for file matcher.
    • Example *.xml
  • Parser (Required) Select a parser type.
  • Pre Parse Commands Command to be run before parsing the document.
    • This is meant for cases where you have zip files and need to decompress before processing.
  • Server And Port Server and port for REST content retrieval.
  • Username Username for REST content.
  • Password Password for REST content.

Content Service Connection


There is no Content Service Connection available for Batch Parser.

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